Problem: Using charcoal and both additive and subtractive drawing techniques students will draw a still life with elliptical and cube forms in order to make informed choices when choosing compositions and creating the illusion of form through light and shade.
Objectives:   Students will draw values while avoiding lines in order to create the illusion of three-dimensional form.  Students will use additive and subtractive drawing with charcoal.  Students will understand the compositional techniques of altering the size, placement, and point of view. 
Description: Students will learn how to shade simple objects with charcoal.  They will learn how light hits an object and creates: a highlight, a light side, a dark side, reflected light, and a cast shadow.  They will use different values to give the illusion of three-dimensions and they will avoid using dark lines.  They will draw blocks, a ping pong ball, and a simple still life made up of cylindrical objects.  

good elliptical form


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